001 – Promising Future of Electric Vehicles in India

Electric Vehicles

EV Industry – Current Scenario

The consumer industry is on a significant increasing trend including electric vehicles in India. Consumer demand dominates electric vehicles in India in the long term, as seen by recent industry advancements. The reality is that electric vehicles are at the heart of e-mobility.

Even though the EV industry had expected a budget that would be as transformative as promised, it fell short on several fronts. This has elicited conflicting reactions from the sector. The government recently declared a hike in customs duties on some auto parts, which might affect the e-mobility industry.

On the other hand, the government has proposed launching a voluntary automobile scrapping program this year in the hopes of encouraging people to buy more eco-friendly vehicles in India. It seeks to phase out all commercial vehicles above the age of 15-20 years. These pronouncements fell well short of the EV industry’s three primary expectations as decreasing GST and import duties, developing financing options & raising awareness for EVs, and revisions in FAME II.

Initiatives by Delhi Government

The freshly announced ‘Switch Delhi’ initiative has gotten a lot of attention, which is good news for the EV business like EV charging stations and for EV cars in India. The promotion was launched to encourage people to buy electric vehicles in India. As a result of its success, some of the country’s biggest two-wheeler manufacturers have announced that new EV models will be introduced in Delhi.

Delhi Transport Minister revealed that since the campaign began, the number of electric two-wheeler registrations has grown. The Switch Delhi campaign aims to increase awareness of electric three-wheelers and encourage people to use them as a means of public transportation.

Air pollution is visible in densely populated cities such as Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai. With the advent of e-commerce, particularly grocery and food delivery services, several last-mile delivery companies run entirely on electric vehicles in India. They have chosen to make a difference and work toward making India pollution-free by joining hands with EV charger manufacturers in India.

Growth of EV Industry

As the demand for delivery services grows, so does the need for more run-time. As electric vehicles in India (EVs) take over the distribution system, they must maintain their speed. As electric vehicles are generally powered by batteries, the process of battery charging for an electric vehicle can take up to two hours, which might be inconvenient if staff members are continually waiting for charging to finish.

As a result, several last-mile supply companies have put up battery swapping facilities including EV charging stations in India to speed up the process. Distribution employees can replace an exhausted battery with a fully charged battery in a couple of minutes using these battery-changing systems.

Overall, considering the EV industry’s expanding awareness, cost-effective solutions, and comfort, it’s reasonable to say that the future of EVs in India is absolutely electrifying.

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