004 – Robust EV Charging Stations Infra Cities Best for EV’s in India

EV Charging Station

Current Scenario of Electric Vehicles in India

Big ventures are going electric in turn making electric vehicle’s future in India very bright. Many Indian e-commerce companies recently said they will deploy close to a hundred electric three-wheeler vehicles including EV Charging Stations made by electric vehicles company in India in many cities across the country.

The move will help these e-commerce companies in India meeting their targets of employing thousands of electric vehicles in India in their fleet of delivery vehicles by 2025. They look to achieve a 100% transition to electric mobility in the next 10 years while also impacting electric vehicle stock in India.

A widespread, accessible public charging infrastructure through an EV charging stations franchise network is needed to support a robust Indian EV market. And a healthy ratio between the numbers of EVs to EV charging stations is important to encourage early adopters and relieve drivers of range anxiety. There are many considerations when it comes to location and approachability.

When the electric vehicle market is still in its infancy and usage is minimal, most service providers find the finances difficult to bear and seek payment from the utility or government regardless of usage. However, usage isn’t always the best criterion for determining performance.

EV Charging Stations In India

The operation of EV charging stations is a critical task because drivers rely on chargers to be in good working order. For that reason, a key determination is who will maintain and service the EV charging stations locations in India having the ability to detect and repair issues without deploying a professional is crucial, but having appropriate coverage by experienced technical staff with extra parts is also critical.

Variation in charger type and specifications for EV charging stations in India. are also different. The type of locations tagged with EV charging stations near me will dictate the type of charging and the number of chargers to install. The station layout is very important because there is no standard for where on a vehicle the charging port is located. India has no defined criteria for private or public charging infrastructure, instead of allowing automakers to use a variety of charging connector standards (for fast chargers) for EV cars in India.

The lack of standardization leading to interoperability challenges and decreased utilization of charging infrastructure and battery swapping because electric vehicles are generally powered by batteries.

Of the one million EV public charging points installed around the world, about 0.1%, are in India. For a country aiming to increase EV use to 30% by 2030, charging infrastructure needs to ramp up exponentially by EV charger manufacturers in India. And how it can be done? For this, we first need to understand the core issue governing the slow adoption of Electric Vehicles in India. We have discussed these issues in our other blogs. To read these blogs, please click here and click here. Please do comment if you are looking for any more information.

The Solution

We at ARKO focussing on the core issue and have plans to resolve them through the proper process. We are working with all the major stakeholders of this ecosystem and are assured that the solution we are providing will be able to resolve every issue associated with the growth of the Electric Vehicles market in India.

All the above-mentioned concerns of a customer are being dealt with by ARKO with utmost care and effective strategies. To know more about various business opportunities and how to make the customer comfortable with EV charging station locations in India, reach out to

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