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EV Charging Station Setup
EV Charging Station

What is Pushpak Ventures & ARKO?

Pushpak Ventures India was founded to supply e-mobility users with “Energy on the Go” solutions based on EV charging station franchise and battery swapping infrastructure franchise as electric vehicles are generally powered by Lithium-Ion Batteries, established on the most advanced technology platform for electric vehicles future in India.

ARKO by “Pushpak Ventures” is being developed to promote India’s public EV charging network, collaborating with franchisee owners, fleet owners, DISCOMs, builders, electric vehicles companies in India, and other decision-makers of this ecosystem. We will also educate the end-user of these electric vehicles to increase their ability to get maximum out of these EV’s through our promotional programs like informative blogs, awareness campaigns, online informative video sessions, Facebook Live, and other mediums.

ARKO intends to develop some of these alliances to extend its ecosystem of EV charging stations in India and globally. ARKO can look beyond India to help worldwide EV owners in the future with further planning post successful implementation in India with continuously increasing electric vehicles list

Our vision is to propagate a turnkey solution for the development of charging infra for EV cars in India. We use our ARKO team’s extensive experience to understand customer needs and create a viable approach. Our solutions are based on the Indian business and customer needs and hence anyone can adopt our solutions right from an entrepreneur to the existing small business owners to hotels & dhabas. We also have solutions for any industry to adopt to maximize their revenues by adopting electric vehicles for their official use and also for their employees to include these electric cars and two-wheelers in their daily routine.

How will ARKO function?

Through Equipment Supply & Installation, from EV charger manufacturers in India for two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and four-wheelers, Marketing & Branding, Branding at EV Charging Station, Monitoring, Maintenance, and Support. We collaborate with our partners to develop an end-to-end solution and produce concrete results. Viewing live status (Available/ Busy/ Under Maintenance, etc.), identifying and reaching the EV charging stations near me using the mobile app. Customers can also make payments online or using e-Payments.

Electric vehicles in India are important because they help reducing oil imports, reducing carbon footprints by zero-emissions, affordability due to low maintenance, high efficiency, and low operating cost. ARKO also intends to help every segment of the ecosystem right from the manufacturer to dealer and distributor and up to the end-user and the Government of India.

What is the need for Charging Infrastructure?

With new EV models reaching the market every day, the community of electric vehicles in India’s two-wheeler is rising. The correct installation of integrative charging infrastructure across India is needed to ensure the smooth running of these vehicles. To enable our partners to develop a network of charging infrastructure throughout cities, corporations, and residential complexes, we provide an EV Charging Station revenue model. As of today, EV Charging network providers are facing many challenges in India. To know more Click Here.

Our Business Model enables our associates to profit from a massive market potential while reducing their risk. It also helps our associates to make a profit from the market’s upward movement. Our associates will help us install the charging station in a variety of locations and approachable locations including hospitals, residential complexes, colleges, and educational institutions. ARKO provides its franchisees with a commercially sustainable Franchise Business Model for establishing and managing EV charging stations in India to suit their daily charging needs. With the new EV releases in India, investors will have the option to be a part of this new age EV Charging Business and gain a competitive advantage. To know more about the 7 types of franchise models, check below.

Why only ARKO?

Advantage ARKO–Android and IOS App for identifying EV charging station locations India, easy &secure payment gateway with information of transaction logs, Provide support to boost Revenue per customer visit, 24by7 Operations assistance, Marketing support to promote EV at Outlet, Warranty & Service.

We are providing franchise opportunities to 1) Entrepreneurs, 2) Existing Businesses, 3) Hotels, 4) Hospitals, 5) Highway Dhabas, 6) Industries & 7) Coming Soon in Our Upcoming Blog.

For more information reach out to us: www.pushpakventures.com, write to us at sachin@pushpakventures.com, +91-8851585984. You can also follow us on our Facebook Page to get regular updates. Join our Facebook community to interact with Industry Experts. Download ARKO from https://bit.ly/3xjcRlk.

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