015 – Strong Presence of Electric Bikes Brands in India

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Major Electric Bikes Manufacturers

The petrol prices are rising every day,, and the same can be said about air pollution in the cities. Our Government is putting efforts towards the fast acceptance of electric vehicles in the country. In doing so, the Government has already enforced the FAME-II subsidy structure for electric vehicles in the country and is planning to install as many public charging stations as possible through the next decade.

Electric Bikes Price List in India

Electric Bikes Price List in India
ModelPrice (ex-showroom)
Revolt RV 400INR 1,30,000
Revolt RV 300INR 1,11,000
Ultraviolette F77INR 3,00,000
Ather 450INR 1,10,000
Ather 450XINR 1,50,000
Bajaj ChetakINR 1,15,000
TVS iQube ElectricINR 1,15,000
Okinawa praiseINR 1,23,000
Hero PhotonINR 85,000
Ampere Magnus ProINR 74,000
Okinawa Ridge PlusINR 73,500
Ampere ZealINR 69,000
Hero Optima ERINR 75,000
Okinawa LiteINR 64,000
Tronx OneINR 50,000
Lightspeed DryftINR 41,000
Lectro Zephyr SSINR 18,000
Prices are just to give a fair idea about the range available in Indian Market

We have many environmental problems in front of us in the form of air pollution and noise pollution. Electric bikes are the solution to these problems as they are powered by batteries and emanate the least noise while running. Electric bikes also offer many advantages over bikes which are powered by petrol.

First, electric bikes are silent, or you can say what comes out of them is light whining motor sound, they have much lower running cost in the range of 20-30 paise per km and on top of that they do not emit harmful exhaust gases. These advantages of electric bikes or scooters help reduce the immediate air pollution and noise pollution in the cities and pocket friendly for the owners.

Apart from these advantages, electric bikes are also easy to ride for everyone from all life stages. So, with electric vehicles on our roads, we’ll have cleaner air to breathe, calmer roads leading to better peace of mind. The electric bikes are also highly power-efficient, with motor efficiency lying above 90%. When you compare this number to a petrol engine, the efficiency you get is only 25% at max.

With low running costs, high efficiency, and silent running, why not start choosing electric bikes over their petrol-powered counterpart.

We talked about the advantages of electric bikes, but we must also make you aware of electric bikes’ limitations and disadvantages in general. At present, India doesn’t have an indigenous battery manufacturer. As a result, electric bike manufacturers are forced to import lithium-ion battery cells, increasing the whole product’s cost. Lithium-ion batteries are expensive to manufacture, and hence, they are far costlier than lead-acid batteries.

We cannot use lead-acid batteries because they are too heavy to be efficiently used in electric bikes, plus their charge capacity and the life cycle are much lower than the lithium-ion cells. Thus, to keep the price of electric bikes are reasonable, companies have to keep the range of electric bikes limited for city usage only. Most electric bikes have a range of 50-100 km per charge if ridden sanely.

Another problem that persists with electric vehicles is their charging time. If you charge your electric bike’s battery or scooter from your home charging socket, they take around 4-5 hours of charging, which is too much waiting. Even at the public fast-charging stations, you have to have anywhere around 1 hour to 2 hours to charge the battery fully. On the other hand, petrol bikes take less than 5 minutes to refuel.

These are the real-world limitations that are causing people to step away from electric bikes and scooters. But that’s not always the case in real-world conditions.

How? Consider you are an office-going professional, and you use your petrol bike for about 40 km per day. If you replace your petrol bike with an electric bike, you can charge the battery overnight and use it for like 40-50 km every day without worrying about the range. Come back home in the evening and again put the battery on charge.

But make sure you don’t take your electric bike for highway cruising as the range is minimal, and you won’t find a charging facility out in the open highways until ARKO asks you to do so by giving business opportunities to the highway loctions.

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