024 – Companies Providing Job Opportunities in Electric Vehicle Segment in India

Job Opportunities

Multiple Job Opportunities in near  future in India

The Central Government has invested heavily in-vehicle technology to support the electric car industry, including research and development into batteries and charging stations. Restrictions in the current academic curriculum in connection with the manufacture of electric vehicles, battery management systems, and charging infrastructure have allowed electric vehicle enthusiasts and academics to undergo independent training for electric vehicles.

E-commerce companies, automakers, app-based transportation networks, and mobility solution providers are entering India’s electric vehicle industry to build capacity and visibility for electric cars. A quick glance at the Job Opportunities and advertisements of various electric vehicle manufacturers show that they are looking for engineers who are familiar with the most diverse areas of the profession, from EV safety software and engine calibration to vehicle electronics and mechanical design. Manufacturing Job Opportunities in the industry include various fitters, machine tool operators, machining mechanics, and industrial production managers.

The increase of job opportunities in the electric vehicle industry is reflected in the increasing number of electric cars acquired in the last decade. Each year, several manufacturers introduce new models in the United States. Many of the workers involved in the production of electric vehicles also work in traditional vehicle production. Jobs in the electric vehicle industry have great potential for new employment and employment is expected to rise in all major sectors of the sector.

Policy interventions to shift to electric vehicles have the potential to disrupt employment in the US automotive industry affecting workers engaged in passenger and commercial transport, vehicle assembly, parts production, maintenance, and other related industries.

The Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP), developed in partnership with unions, car manufacturers, utilities, and educational institutions, provides electricians with instructions and practical training on how to install private and public charging stations giving a push to job opportunities. Students seeking academic admission to the electric vehicle industry can opt for formal courses of study in electric vehicle manufacturing, design, and economics.

In line with the lack of academic opportunities, students aspiring to higher education in the electric vehicle industry can take traineeships in electric vehicles and cooperate with the industry. Independent research institutes, electric vehicle consultancies, and training centers offer such training courses for electric vehicles.

It is expected that stimulus packages to support the country’s “economies and important vehicle manufacturing capacities” will include measures to support the automotive industry to provide more job opportunities, not least because of their relevance to the labor market. Government funds should provide incentives for demand-driven manufacturer investment in building electric vehicle infrastructure that is conditional on key job quality and domestic standards.

Further targeted direct support measures such as charging infrastructure, cheap loans at lower interest rates, public co-financing of corporate fleets, and mass procurement of electric vehicles, buses and trucks could support further growth in sales of electric vehicles. The potential for a further increase in used car sales is underpinned by a growing awareness among consumers that electric vehicles require fewer moving parts and less maintenance and replacement of parts as they age. On the potentially negative side, electric vehicles with fewer parts will need fewer assembly workers, combined with the greater use of factory robots.

Millions of middle-income Indian workers are currently engaged in vehicle manufacturing, sales, and support. These young new workers are focused on repairing autonomous technologies, hardware, and software to operate vehicles, and repairing emerging mobility vehicles such as e-bikes, scooters, and drones. India is well-positioned to win the electric vehicle market with a comprehensive policy strategy that includes pro-capital policies, vocational training, Job Opportunities and support to prepare workers for the deployment of electric vehicles and innovation investments.

Electricians, electric charging stations, battery storage systems, and installers of solar panels will be among the hottest areas of job growth from the next decade. While India will benefit greatly from shifting its transport from IC motors to electric motors, the challenges are a lack of charging infrastructure, high acquisition costs, and a shortage of renewable electricity. The central government and the states have set up programs and incentives to promote electric mobility in India, and there are rules and standards.

Triton said in a written response that it plans to provide Job Opportunities to graduates in sectors of the automotive industry such as engineering, IT, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. The company’s founder and chief executive officer, Himanshu Patel, said Triton posts job ads on its LinkedIn page and other resources.

Advances in electric vehicle technology in cars, trucks, and buses along with the growing global demand are creating new economic opportunities. Companies are pushing battery innovation as the next generation of technology comes into focus. The benefits and strengths of science and engineers bode well for India’s prospects.

An exhaustive List of Companies from EV Industry providing Job Opportunities

ACME Cleantech Solutions Private LimitedEV-Component
Advance Cable Technologies (P) LtdEV-Component
Atul Auto LimitedEV- 3W/4W
Avan Motors Pvt ltdEV-2W
Avon CyclesEV-2W
BASF Catalysts India Pvt. LimitedEV-Component
Bharat Petroleum Corporation LimitedEV- Component
Bosch Group of companiesEV-Component
Champion Poly PlastEV-2W/3W
Delta Electronics (India) Pvt. Ltd.EV- Component
Electrie-One Auto Pvt LtdEV-2W/3W/4W
ElectrothermEV-2W/ 3W
Elektrisola India Pvt LtdEV- Component
Etron Electric Motor Pvt LtdEV-2W/3W
EV Techo Electra Motors Pvt LtdE2W
Exicom Tele-Systems LtdEV- Component
Fusion Power SystemEV-Component
GAIL (India) LtdEV- Component
Global Powersource India Pvt. LtdEV- Component
Greaves Cotton LimitedEV- Component
Greenfuel Energy Solution Pvt LtdEV-Component
Henkel Adhesives Technologies India Pvt LtdEV- Component
Hero ElectricEV-2W
Indian Oil CorporationEV- Services
Infineon Technologies India Pvt. LtdEV-Component
J S Auto Pvt LtdEV-2W/3W
Jitendra new EV tech pvt ltd.EV-2W/ 3W
Kabra Extrusiontechnik LimitedEV- Component
Kinetic Green Energy & Power SolutionsEV-2W/3W
Lectro E-mobility Pvt. Ltd.E2W
Livguard EnergyEV- Component
LORD India Pvt. LtdEV-Component
LPS Bossard Pvt LtdEV- Component
Lucas-TVS LimitedEV- Component
Marsilli India Pvt. Ltd.EV- Component
MICROMAX Electric Pvt Ltd.EV- E2W
Minda Corporation LtdEV-Component
MIRAKLE-5 Automobiles pvt ltdEV-2W/ 3W
Napino Auto & Electronics LtdEV-Component
NDS Eco Motors Private LimitedEV-2W
Nitto Denko India Private LimitedEV-Component
Okinawa Autotech Pvt LtdEV-2W
Omjay EV LimitedEV-2W/3W
PIAGGIO Vehicles Pvt LtdEV-2W/3W
Pixy Electric Cars Pvt LtdEV-4W
PPAP Automotive LtdEV- Component
Roots Industries India LimitedEV-Component
Schaltbau India Pvt Ltd.EV- Component
SEG Automotive India Private LimitedEV- Component
Sehgal Elmoto Ltd.EV-Component
Shema E-Vehicle & Solar Pvt. LtdEV-2W/3W
Shigan Evoltz LtdEV-4W/3W/Component
Smart Dreams Pvt LtdEV-2W/4W/Buses
SUN MobilityEV- Services
SUNBEAM Auto Pvt LtdEV- Component
Sundram fasteners ltd.EV- Component
SuperEco AutomotiveEV-2W/3W
Terra Motors India Pvt. LtdEV-3W/2W
Tork Motors Pvt LtdEV-2W
Trinity Energy Systems (P) LtdEV-Component
Trontek GroupEV-Component
Tunwal ElectronicsEV-2W
Velev Motors India Pvt LtdE2W
Versatile Auto Components Private LimitedEV-Component
YC Electric VehicleEV-2W/3W

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