002 – EV Charger Manufacturers in India – Big Challenges faced and Solutions

EV Charger Manufacturers in India

Current Scenario

The application of smart EV charging stations is growing in tandem with the growth of the electric vehicle market. The major EV charging station manufacturers in India have been mentioned in this article for our readers to know more by visiting their websites and contacting them for further details. A few manufacturers of EV charger manufacturers in India have built a name for themselves in this developing market.

India is the world’s fifth-largest vehicle market for electric vehicles in India. India’s government recently said that by 2030, they intend to prepare for a massive transportation change, including a significant increase in electric vehicle use in order to minimize pollution and reliance on petroleum imports. EV charging stations in India are becoming increasingly important as the use of electric vehicles stock in India.

Major EV Charger Manufacturers in India

In this rapidly evolving area, a few EV charging station manufacturers in India have earned a name for themselves in the emerging market of EV cars in India. To help you learn more, we’ve compiled a list of the best EV Charging Station Manufacturers providing EV charging station franchises.


But we, ARKO feel that there is still some connectivity issue between the four entities viz Government, Manufacturers, Service Providers, and the Customers. Pushpak Ventures has launched ARKO with the mission to work as a synergizing framework between the three (ARKO being the Service Provider)and catalyzing the manufacturers and the consumers for electric vehicles’ future in India.

Today the EV charger manufacturers are facing the challenge because of the EV awareness in the two and four-wheeler customer segment and their worries & concerns as below:

14 Major concerns of Customers

  • The expectation for an EV conversion kit so that they may convert their existing cars so that the upfront cost can be minimized.
  • Developing more and more Battery swapping stations for minimum waiting time by the customers.
  • Today, the customer doesn’t feel confident in cars as they have seen in the past that two-wheelers were not successful.
  • Even after launchingdifferent models of electric cars, the buyer hasn’t seen these cars and has a lot of doubts about the Look and feel of Vehicles.
  • Due to the unavailability of test drives, the end-users have doubt of the Riding Comfort of the Vehicle while driving short distances to long-distance driving.
  • People also say that they have not seen the changing station to date and the Charging Infra not available as per their requirement.
  • The end-users have serious concern over the availability of service support if they travel between two cities. They have serious doubt on Service Support availability on breakdown.
  • They have a Fear for if they go out of fuel midway in a long-distance journey, where will they get the opportunity to charge their vehicle which is out of fuel in the mid of their journey.
  • Fear of midway vehicle failure and availability of service support during the long run.
  • When you don’t get the needed service support or the expertise then one can become a Laughing Stock.
  • No proper channel to get the information of subsidies and tax benefits. Even the Government websites don’t provide proper information or customer service support.
  • Due to the high costs of Lithium-Ion Batteries and Li-Fe-Po Batteries, the cost of the vehicle is high.
  • People are not aware of bank loan information and even the upfront down payment worries them.
  • It has been found that in tier two cities, even the banks are not aware of Green Car Loans and their benefits and hence believe that Bank loan to these vehicles is not available.

The Solution

We at ARKO focussing on the core issue and have plans to resolve them through the proper process. We are working with all the major stakeholders of this ecosystem and are assured that the solution we are providing will be able to resolve every issue associated with the growth of the Electric Vehicles market in India.

All the above-mentioned concerns of a customer are being dealt with by ARKO with utmost care and effective strategies. To know more about various business opportunities and how to make the customer comfortable with EV charging station locations in India, reach out to us: www.pushpakventures.com, write to us at sachin@pushpakventures.com, +91-8851585984. You can also follow us on our Facebook Page to get regular updates. Join our Facebook community to interact with Industry Experts. Download ARKO from https://bit.ly/3xjcRlk.

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