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Why Electric Vehicle are a must for India!!

India’s rapid economic growth has given us something to be thankful for over the last few decades, but it has also had some negative consequences. India has about 19 of the world’s top 35 most polluted cities. New Delhi has had the unique distinction of being the world’s most polluted city for the past two years, as a slew of factors combine to transform the capital’s climate into a cloud of smog and potentially lethal contaminants.

What is ARKO?

Pushpak Ventures has been formed with the objective of providing Consultancy and acting as a connecting link between EVSE Manufacturers, Government Policies, Vehicle Manufacturers, and Consumers by creating the “ARKO-Mall”, an E-Commerce Platform for EV Segment” and “EV Charging Infra Network” in India.

ARKO-Mall by Pushpak Ventures is an E-Commerce Market Place where consumers will find various quality products as per their requirements. It is also an intelligent network wherein the EV and EV Charging Station will be communicating through the Internet & Bluetooth, delivering information regarding the availability of charging slots at the nearest charging station, thus minimizing individual waiting time and provide improved efficiency.

What is here in https://pushpakventures.com about EV’s?

Our team is putting enormous efforts to provide every information in one place that you may need as an entrepreneur, EV Enthusiast, scholar, businessman, EV Manufacturer, EV owner, and every other person who may be in close relation to this segment. We are determined to give you every latest update on new product releases, researches being done, government initiatives, etc.

We request you to visit ARKO-MALL for products purchase. Become our franchisee, register your EV, register your product, and read our BLOGS to get answers to all the “frequently asked questions” listed below (adding continuously).

  1. Which banks are financing Electric Two-Wheelers?
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  5. What is the Future of E-Vehicles in India?
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  40. What are Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in Electric Vehicle Segment in India
  41. What are the “50 successful business models” that an entrepreneur can start business with?

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